Anti-Meta Hog Deck!
Ash Hole ❤️ posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Happy Noob is back! He has incredibly skills and beats some extremely difficult matchups, watching and assessing his game play can help you with decision making when using this deck. This hog deck only has one legendary which makes it good to use for more free to play players. Executioner, Tornado and Valkyrie Combo is a solid defensive strategy, check out the replays to see how happy noobs synergies them all together. Use your cycle cards wisely and try to always get value from them.

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Valkyrie will do great against the recently buffed barbarians and she’s also a great counter for royal and works great against bait archetypes. She good to use on defence and then you can play your hog behind her for a good counter push.


Rocket is fairly important in this deck, some decks have Tornado and tombstone which means it’ll be very difficult to get the hog to their tower so you will rely on this card to chip away at their tower throughout the match. I would take any value you can with this card when you can get tower damage. If the opponent has a most push you can synergies this card with the Tornado to take out their support troops. She’s also great against sparky which is increasing in popularity on ladder and in challenges.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your main win condition, I would use it to apply pressure against heavier decks in the opposite lane, and against bridge spam, bait etc you should defend and counter push. You can also place this card to kite units back from your tower, this is a good technique because it helps protect your towers while also demanding a response from your opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match out with a hog rider, this will help you know what the opponent is likely to use to defend throughout the rest of the match. You can also cycle goblins or ice spirit at the bridge. Try to activate your king tower as early as possible to help you defend throughout the rest of the match. Once you’ve worked out their win condition you will have a better understanding what units you should save for defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can start to play more aggressively and support your hog rider more by playing predictive spells or playing the hog behind another unit. You might have to start spell cycling if you have got much tower damage however if they have a quicker cycle deck and you can’t get to their tower with the hog I would personally play for the draw.

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