Brand New Miner Cycle Deck!
Ash Hole ❤️ posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Surgical Goblin is back on my channel after a long break and he’s showing us this new meta miner cycle deck that he’s currently using to help rack up some wins. Miner cycle decks require a bit of skill to play, understanding and learning micro card interactions will definitely help you win with this deck. You’re three quick cycle cards, bats, Skellies and snowball can all help either support your push or help you out on defence, try to always get good value when cycling these cards. Defending with your units like musketeer and bandit work great, take advantage of their counter push potential by pairing them with the miner to tank some tower damage. The snowball can offer a lot of value because of the knock back effect and also the slow effect. It works well against lava pups, balloon, goblin barrel and it can also kill skeletons and bats.

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The miner is your win condition and you’ll rely on this card to help chip away throughout the match. Use your spells to support your miner if you can get good value from playing them while also getting tower damage. It’s ok to play the miner defensively too, especially against units like princess or magic archer which can take out your counter push troops. Make sure you switch up your placements on the opponents tower throughout the match.


Posion is your heavy spell and is mainly used to help support your miner however sometime soon you will have to use it defensively if your opponent has a fairly large push heading your way. Later game you can use this card to spell cycle your opponent, just like Surgical did act 12:00 in my video he will play the posion first to allow him to cycle back to the posion quicker.

Bomb Tower

Surgical likes to play this card in the middle still even though it has death damage, playing it in the center means it can kite units further away from your towers and also allow your other princess tower to help chip away at their push. You’ll rely on this card to help defend against hog rider, royal hogs and also kiting tanks away from your towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a miner onto the opponents tower in the anti Tornado position. Don’t waste your Musketeer or bats until you know what air units your opponent has because you can be easily punished, especially if they’re running the balloon. Try to figure out their win condition and keep track of their cycle. Try to gain elixir leads in defence then cash them in offensively with your miner pushes by pairing them with bats or a spell.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game keep chipping away with your miner cycle while defending and counter pushing. You can now cycle extremely quickly so you should be able to out cycle their counters, play your spells to support your push if you know they have units in cycle you can get good value from. Check out the video to see some live ladder game!

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