Unbelievable Xbow Bomb Tower Cycle Deck
DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Hey Folks ! Here is finally a guide for the Xbow players. This deck here plays similar to the meta 2.9 Xbow Cycle deck. Instead, we are using the bomb tower instead of the tesla and we include the mega minion. As any xbow cycle, the main objective is to protect the xbow so by having the newly buffed bomb tower you are to defend against ground units, swarms, and add additional death damage while your mega minion provides similar support and also air defense.

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The Xbow will serve as your WIN condition. Play the xbow only when you're able to provide it proper support with the bomb tower and archers and when the ice golem or mega minion can serve as meat shield or decoy for the opponents attacks.

Bomb Tower

The bomb tower will protect your xbow and will provide incredible defensive support before and during an xbow push. With it's recent buff and new ability it will cause havoc in the arena.

Mega Minion

The Mega minion can either protect the xbow and bomb tower or it can replace the ice golem and become the tank in the push that will draw the attacks from the opponent's archer tower or units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Event though this is a low cost cycle deck, you still have to get value out of your xbow and only play it when it can be properly supported. Don't play the xbow unless you have first placed your bomb tower by the bridge or in the middle of the lanes if it's needed to defend against an early push. Once you can secure the bomb tower placement, place your ice golem behind your king tower and allow it to pass the first archer tower then drop down your archers or megs minion slightly behind the push. Place your xbow a few tiles from the bridge so it can lock on to the tower and so you have space to place units in front of to defend and start a new push. Don't play the xbow until you can fully support it. If the opponent uses a large spell against it, work towards baiting the spell out for your next push. Use all your remaining cards to defend the xbow or to kite away troops.

Late Stage Gameplan

In 2x time, same strategy but now you can cycle thru units much faster and can consistently provide the xbow support and have an ice golem or mega minion tank for the push.

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