Best Deck for 20 Win CRL Challenge! #1
PainInTheAsh posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is a very consistent deck and in my opinion it’ll work very well in the 20 win challenge so why not start using it now and getting some good practise in. You have a lot of zap and spell bait cards in this deck which means you can then punish your opponent when you’ve bait out their spell. Lumber jack and flying machine will be your key defensive cards, use these in a counter push when possible. Against beat down decks you will often have to tower trade early game and then a three crown rush during double elixir. Try to avoid lanes with their splash units, however a well timed cloned spell and good card placement can over come their defensive units. Try to get good clone value, just don’t get greedy, cloning when you know the opponent is low on elixir it the best time to do so.

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Lava Hound

This girl should alsmot always be the key cardto clone, clone her before she pops in order to get maximum value. She’s you tank and you should play u it’s behind her to to help build up a good strong push.


Clone is meta right now and although it sounds crazy it does require a certain amount of skill to play. Be patient with this spell, wait until your opponents spells are out of cycle and they should also be low on elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play passively and don’t play the clone until you know what spells the opponent is playing. Cycling bats or playing flying machine can be a good opening play however I would wait around 30 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first move. Like I said above you might have to tower trade against golem decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir I would still focus on light defence while paplg pressure, remember to track their spells so you can punish them if you successfully bait out their zap or tornado. If you think you can overwhelm the opponent then go for the three crown and try to end the game early. Goodluck running this deck check out the video to see how today’s guest handles different matchups using this deck.

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