Golem Lumberjack Cannon Cart Deck
DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Hey Folks ! Here is a Golem beatdown deck that allows you to aggressively play the Golem from the entire match. This deck combines the epic combination of the baby dragon mega minion and the tornado spell and it allows you to shred opposing pushes and swarms of minion hordes or skarmies. In addition, with the attack speed of the lumberjack, cannon cart and the mega minion you can quickly break down ground units looking to stop your golem.

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The lumberjack provides your ground support and defends against hogs and rushing units and can be used to kite away giant skeletons and elite barbarians. Needless to say, the rage spell drop is such an awesome added bonus and will further enhance the great splash damage from the baby dragon and cannon cart.


By dropping your golem behind the tower you're able to gain 6-7 elixir by the time it reaches the bridge allowing you to either defend an enemy push on a different lane or further support the golem push.

Early Stage Gameplan

This deck allows you to play your Golem immediately if you have at least a baby dragon or ice wizard to support against minion hordes etc. Best tip is to drop the golem at the back of the king tower and let the golem slowly walk to the bridge. This allows you to build up 6-7 elixir which will allow you to either defend an opposite lane opponent push or you can further support your golem and break thru the opponent counter push. Leverage your tornado spell when you have either the baby dragon or mega minion. Additionally, if you don't have those units you can opt for the cannon cart as well for crowd control too.

Late Stage Gameplan

n 2x time, same rules apply but you can be even more aggressive with the golem and you can consistently support the push with low cost cards that can cycle. The barbarian barrel is golden in 2x time

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