6.8 Elixir Impossible Challenge Deck!
PainInTheAsh posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

After almost a week Osama who is a pro player finally completed my latest impossible challenge and won himself $700! He used the decks above and it took him over 18 attempts to finally get the 12 win! These challenges are not meant to be easy, they require skill and patience in order to win the bounty! These decks definitely rely on those huge pushes where you overwhelm your opponent and end the game in a single push. You have no direct damage so you might have to rely on the golems death damage if you need a few hundred HP to win the game. Musketeer is your cheapest unit so protect her when possible and use her to protect your other units. This deck could potentially be good to use in a triple elixir challenge.

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Mega Knight

This cards unique ability can offer a lot of defensive value, especially against swarm type units and also bridge spam cards too.


Sparky is a solid defensive card with great counter push potential, she can completely shut down an opponents push and you should play her behind your towers to start out a push unless your opponent is playing the rocket.

Early Stage Gameplan

Single elixir this deck is fairly weak, try to wait out until double elixir because you’ll be able to build bigger pushes and have better defence. The barbarian hut is a good card to play to help pass time during single elixir, it can help block up a lane and the spawning barbarians help defend too. The sparky and musketeer are good cards to use defensively if the opponent starts to build a push. Never place your golem in the back because you don’t have the cheaper units to help defend the opposite lane.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to build bigger pushes and try to overwhelm your opponent. I still recommend defending and counter pushing whenever possible. If you can bait out a spell with your barb hut then you can use the minion horde to apply pressure too. If you’re interested in future impossible challenges and you think you’re up for the challenge then follow my Twitter @CWA.

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