Brand New Pekka Spam Deck!
PainInTheAsh posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

If you’ve been following my “one year one deck” videos then this is a newer version that I will be trying out. This deck will work well in the 20 win challenge so why not get some early practise now and get ahead of the meta. This deck works fairly well against the majority of matchups in this meta. The snowball and ram rider synergies very well together mainly because they’re two of the strongest cards in the game. SB is today’s pro and as you can see he plays very very patiently often allowing the game to go into sudden death before he takes a good opportunity to punish his opponent and win the match. Take any spell value you can especially if you can get some tower chip damage too. The ram rider is a good pressure card to and will be your main source of tower damage, try to support her when possible.

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Ram Rider

Ram rider is incredibly strong and is very versatile either offensively or defensively. Although she’s similar to the hog she does cost one more elixir so try to get extra value from her by playing her defensively when possible and counter pushing. You can use your spells to support her once you know what troops your opener is playing. If you play her behind your pekka she can help keep the pekka alive a little longer due to the stun mechanic.

Electro Wizard

Electro wiz is one of the few cards in the game with an enter the arena ability. This means he works well on defence and you should try to use his ability to get extra value when possible. He can help you win the battle at the bridge because he can target two units and his stun mechanic will slow down their DPS. You will rely on this card to defend against sparky, inferno dragon and also battle ram, skeleton barrel etc.


Bandit is a good cycle unit for only three elixir. She can offer a lot of value if you play her to her full potential by placing her correctly to allow her to dash and get extra damage. She can dash over the river too if units are played close enough to allow her to lock onto them. She can stop a charging Prince without sustaining damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Ideally you should try and wait for double elixir before starting out the match. However if you like to make the first play either cycle one of your two elixir spells or play bandit at the bridge. Don’t play to aggressively early game, take advantage of any counter push potential you get while also getting good value with your spells. Try to make positive elixir trades to help you out in double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir I would still focus on defending and building up a solid counter push. You can apply light pressure opposite lane with the bandit unless you know you have a good elixir lead then you can punish your opponent. Goodluck if you choose to run this deck in the CRL Challenge!

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