Unstoppable Ice-Bow Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today karnage is back on my channel with this ice wizard xbow deck that he claims if played correctly you can beat any deckin the game! This deck will be a safe option to use in the CRL 20 win challenge because you can play for the draw if you can’t break through their defence. This deck is also great for ladder or regular challenges if you want to pick it up now and get some practise in before the challenge starts on the 21st. The beauty of this deck is how quick it can cycle, this means you can often out cycle their key defensive units during double elixir and you can also use your smaller units to help defend those annoying pushes while making positive elixir trades. Even against those trickier matches you should still play offensive xbows to force your opponent to play defence rather than offence. Against giant also switch lanes and apply opposite lane pressure on your opponent! Also defend then xbow after defence. This deck works well against the annoying lava hound clone deck because you have the ice golem and the Tornado. Play same lane as your opponent against these matches.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard synergies so we’ll with a lot of cards in this deck, especially the Tornado if you use it on defence.


Defensive xbow is a good option to use for a strong defensive option because it can help defend both lanes. You can also play it out of splash range of spells to avoid giving the opponent good spell value. It can also support an offensive xbow too.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is basically a glass tank and he’s great for tanking damage for your xbow or kiting units like pekka, prince, mega knight away from your tower and into the opposite lane. His frost nova can’t help you defend against air units like bats and minions while also slowing down units around him.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match by splitting skeletons or playing the ice golem behind your towers. It’s very important to see what deck your opponent is playing and try to track what their counters are in their card cycle. Defend with minimal elixir and try to pressure your opponent. If you’re against RG or golem, play a defensive xbow, defend, then cycle to a new xbow. Try to activate your king tower to especially against golem, hogs and bait decks!

Late Stage Gameplan

The majority of matches will end up in sudden death so you definitely require patience to use this deck. Karnage won’t start cycling his rocket ps until their towers are around 1200 HP because it can but you at an elixir disadvantage which could cause you to loose the match. You can rocket some trades in matches like karnage does in the second match of the video. Goodluck with this deck! Check out my video to see how Karnage uses this deck against some incredibly tricky matches.

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