Giant Skeleton Balloon Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Tauron is back on my channel showing us this deck that deck used to get 20 wins in the CRL challenge. I highly recommend watch the video purely for the game play and how he uses the cards once this deck, particularly if you’re facing a lot of lava hound clone on the challenge. With this deck you can completely shut down the opponents pushes or you can even support your defence by using the Tornado to pull their units into the bomb radius of the skeleton bomb. Use the Tesla to help defend against the opponents tanks or also kite unit slike hog or ram rider.

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Miner is a good units to use to snipe units like princess, musketeer, wizard, dart goblin and magic archer. You can also synergies this card with the zap to cause their tower to retarget.


Balloon is your main unit that you’ll rely on to pressure your opponent. It’s death damage is great or helping chip away at their towers even if you don’t get a direct bomb hit. Try to have a unit like giant skeleton or miner tanking tower damage for this card.


Tornado is very important to help you get value in this deck, you can use it to pull units into the opposite lane, pull units into the range of the bombs or even activate your king tower to help aid you defence throughout the rest of the match. It also works great at defending against those annoying lava hound clone decks which are everywhere at the moment.

Early Stage Gameplan

During the first minute of the match wait to see if your opponent makes the first play, if you’re playing for the 20 wins it’s very important to play with patience. You can start out the match with baby dragon or even a miner into the safe spot providing you have Tesla in cycle to help you defend their counter push. Try and figure out what air defence they have in their deck and track them throughout the rest of the match. Try to activate your king tower as early as possible to, this will help you out on defence throughout the rest of the game.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can start to pressure your opponent more with the balloon and synergies the miner zap to retarget their tower. Keep up that pressure while playing smart defence. Goodluck with this deck!

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