Elite Barbarian Rage!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Osama who is a Syrian Pro is on my channel showing us this disgusting ebarb rage deck that he used to get 20 wins inside the latest CRL 20 win challenge. Watching the replays from Osama he likes to have one push like giant + sparky in one lane, then when he has an elixir advantage he will apply opposite lane pressure with the elite barbarians. This will force the opponent to split their defence and ruin the chances of them having a strong counter push. Units like minion horde, goblin gang and both be split at the river to help support both lanes. You can use the elixir pump to bait out spells like rocket or lightening which are a potential counter to your sparky.

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Sparky is a good unit to play behind your king towers when starting out a push. I recommend playing this card first so if the opponent applies pressure at the bridge you can use your giant to kite their units into the blast of the sparky. She has a good counter push potential so try to defend with her when possible and use your other units to help protect her.


When playing the rage spell try to get maximum value and wait to use it as a surprise to get maximum value. Also wait unit your opponents counters are out of cycle so your not just waistimg two elixir unnecessarily.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play the pump to try and gain a good elixir lead. Work out what deck your opponent is playing and what’s their potential counters are for your giant and sparky. Try to defend with units that you have a strong counter push with like minion horde, ebarbs or sparky. Even if you lose a tower always protect your pump just like Osama did at 11:10 in the video!

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game I wouldn’t play the pump unless you know the game is going into over time. You can get good value from the rage spell during double elixir providing you’ve baited out the opponents counters. Goodluck with this dirty dirty deck, checkout the video to see some replays of this deck been used inside the CRL challenge.

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