New Giant Earthquake Combo Deck!!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Jaii is today's guest and he's showing us this new combo deck that he's currently using during the early stages of the season. Play this deck in a similar way to how you'd play the traditional giant miner deck. The earthquake is very situational and some match-ups you might not use it at all especially against decks like lava-loon however against siege or spawner decks you'll have a great counter for their win conditions. Mega minion, baby dragon and prince are your three key defensive units and they all have great counter push potential for you to pressure the opponent with after a successful defence. Use the miner to snipe their support troops when possible.

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Miner is your second win condition to the giant, he can be use to chip away at their tower in the later stages of the stage. He's also great to use to help snipe units like princess, musketeer etc. You will play him a lot more aggressively during double elixir and sudden death stages of the match. You can also apply opposite lane pressure if you pair him with prince, mega minion or even the barb barrel.


Earthquake is still in the experimental stages due to it been so new. Pro's like Belikin say it will be similar to arrows with how it will be very effective against certain archetypes in the game. That's why it fits so well in this deck because you have the triple spells to support your units. The earthquake is a good support spell for the miner if you play it on to their tower, you can then use the earthquake to take out units or buildings while also damaging their tower.


Prince is a great tank killer and a good all round defensive unit that has great counter push potential. He is easier kited or countered especially by smaller units which can land your opponent a good elixir trade so have you spells ready to support the prince.

Early Stage Gameplan

During the opening stages of the match you can cycle barb-barrel or even play miner into the 'safe-spot' on the opponents tower. Other than that I would play fairly reactivly to what your opponent plays and counter push when you get a good opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you should start to play more aggressive and use your miner and earthquake combo just like you would a miner and poison combination. Try to defend and then play the giant at the bridge for your counter push. If you have a fairly heavy push in one lane then apply some opposite lane pressure with the miner if it looks like it'll be a two tower game. Check out the video to see how Jaii uses this deck!

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