Best Level One Deck Right Now!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Game_Over is back with his world record position for the highest trophies reached using a level one account. For those of you who don't know, level one players never upgrade a single card meaning all their units are at the lowest possible level including their crown towers. If you're interested in joining the level one community check them out on twitter @NovaLvl1 . These decks require a lot of patience to play, you will go on insane losing streaks due to the fact you'll be potentially playing max level opponents. With this deck you have a zap bait element because of the inferno dragon, sparky, skarmy and even princess if your opponent has max level zap. Forcing your opponent to zap means you can get maximum value defensively with your other units and potentially a great counter push. This deck is all about defending and counter pushing, you will often have to over defend then take advantage of your surviving troops. Early game and late game will be played very similar to each other so I'm not going to do a separate paragraph on each, simply defend as efficiently as possible while taking minimal damage and counter pushing. If your opponent has a heavy spell keep you're units out of tower radius to avoid giving them spell value, because your towers are so fragile you might need to use sparky to bait out their rocket. Check out the video to see how game over handles the more tricky match-ups.

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Sparky is your main tank killer so try to protect her as much as possible in order to get maximum value from her. If the opponent has zap try to use inferno or skarmy to bait it out to get max value from this card.


Lumberjack is a solid defensive troop which has a good counter push potential because when he dies he rages up your surviving units making it more difficult to defend. He is best played at the bridge on a counter push so he spills his rage quicker.


Use the rage of princess to your advantage and try to force your opponent to use their spell on her. Play her in the opposite lane and protect her, shes great to use to assist your towers at taking out those smaller squishy units. If you can get multiple princess on the field then your opponent will be in trouble!

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