Top Log Bait Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

KingTurk is on my channel with this 3.0 bait deck. He likes to play this deck very aggressively, even at the very start of the match. You have four log/spell bait cards these are, Princess, goblin gang, goblin barrel and fire spirits. The prince synergies very well with the goblin barrel because not only does he act as a tank for the goblins he can also be a spell bait unit. If you play a juke barrel way in the back, just like king Turk did in the opening match, as your prince crosses the bridge you can easily take a tower. You have the inferno tower to help you defend against deck with large tanks like golem, giant, hound and it’s even great at kiting units like hog, balloon etc. Against hogs decks like 2.6 try to predict the skeletons his skeletons with your zap so the prince can get more damage. Against golem decks KingTurk likes to apply opposite lane pressure with the prince as soon as they play their golem. If the opponent has log or barbarian barrel in hand you try to juke him with a deep barrel and playing fire spirits at the bridge because they can’t kill them both.

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Princess is a good support card in this deck, if the opponent has minion horde you should play a high princess to support the prince when possible. Try to keep her alive if you play her in the opposite lane, this can result in your opponent playing their log which means you can then go ahead and punish them.


The prince is a solid defensive unit with great counter push potential. Always play ice spirit or fire spirits I’m front of the prince to prevent the princes charge been reset by a bandit, ewiz and also against goblin gang or minions which means you can then one shot zap them.


Zap is your only direct damage spell. It’s incredibly useful at taking out units like skeletons or bats and you can also play this spell predictively to support your prince or goblin barrel. It also synergies very well with ice spirit to take out units like minion horde or goblins.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game KingTurk likes to start out the match aggressively to see how the opponent responds. He will play fire spirits at the bridge if he has them in hand because they can be tricky to counter if their spells aren’t in cycle. He will often use the prince defensively and then counter push with the spirits and/or the goblin barrel.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir opponents with golem beat down decks will have the matchup advantage. So applying opposite lane pressure against these decks is vital to stop your units been overwhelmed. You can start to apply dual lane pressure particularly if you’ve defended and are then counter pushing. Keep applying pressure with the barrel when you know their counters are out of cycle. Check out the video to see KingTurk play against some of the best pro players including VULKan and Bag!

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