2.9 Royal Giant Cycle Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck has recently been #1 global while Blaze was playing with it. This is a very fast cycle deck and it isn’t as straight forward as spamming the RG at the bridge and winning. You’ll rely on counter pushes a lot of the time when you have support units ready to help protect the RG. Against building you should pretty much always start your pushes with RG in the back. If you have a lot of units on the field you can play him at the river to counter push with. Defending first is the key the key to winning with this deck, blaze sometimes won’t even play the RG until sudden death, that’s how passively he uses this deck! Against golem decks try to pressure opposite lane when they play their golem, don’t over commit on defending the RG because you’re just trying to force them to split their elixir. Use your units like ice wizard opposite lane to defend the golem while placing you mega minion and cycle units to take out the golem.

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Tornado synergies very well with units like ice wizard especially because you’re not running a building. Try to activate your king tower early game to help aid your defence throughout the rest of the match. It can also be used to pull units into the opposite lane to allow your to pressure with he RG at the bridge during sudden death.

Royal Giant

Royal Giant is your win condition and also your most expensive troop. Try to protect him as much as possible with your support units to allow him to get maximum damage during double elixir and sudden death. The main counter to this card is inferno tower, if the opponent is running that card then try to cycle two royal giants and play barb barrel if possible to tank some damage from the inferno tower.

Mega Minion

Mega minion will be a key defensive unit, try to get a couple of these on the map during double elixir and counter push if they have a lot of health remaining. Use your cycle units to help support your defence too.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait 10-15 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first move. If they don’t you can cycle your smaller units to see how the opponent responds. Play passively and see what deck your opponent is playing before you go aggressive.

Late Stage Gameplan

With this deck a lot of the matches will last into over time, this isn’t a three crown deck purely because it’s a low elixir cycle deck! If their towers are under 800hp you can start to spell cycle while focusing on a strong defensive at the same time. However pressuring with the RG is the best option because it demands a response from your opponent. Also during double elixir try to cycle two Royal giants to apply that extra pressure especially against decks with pekka or inferno tower.

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