New Miner Control!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today I’m showing this miner control deck that has recently past 6700 trophies by the Korean Pro. This is a miner triple spell deck that does really well defensively with the Valkyrie and the inferno tower. Miner is your main win condition and you’ll rely on him to tank damage for your counter push troops or to apply opposite lane pressure against certain archetypes. Against beat down decks you have the inferno tower to kite their tank then you can use Valkyrie and ice wizard to deal with their support troops. If you have an elixir lead try to play their miner before they start their offensive push, if you’re down on elixir play the miner when they place their tank or win condition. Don’t over commit by supporting the miner to much you’re simply trying to force a defensive response from your opponent. Against graveyard you have the Valkyrie and the ice wizard to help you defend against the skeletons. Blocking their tank from crossing the bridge can be extremely useful because your tower will help you take out their skeletons.

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As I mentioned above miner is your win condition, he’s also great at sniping units like princess, dart goblin, musketeer etc. Playing him behind the opponents towers when you have units crossing the bridge will kite any defensive troops they play behind their tower potentially allowing your support units to connect to their tower if they don’t play anymore units. Once you know what deck your opponent is playing you can use prediction spells to support the miner.

Inferno Tower

Inferno tower is great for kiting units like hogs, balloon, giants and golems. If you’re up against the royal giant which is very popular in this meta try you’ll rely on this card to help shut down the royals giant. If they have lightening the. Play high inferno towers like today’s guest did in the first match.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a miner, make sure you play him in safe spot to avoid king tower activation. Play passively to learn what deck your opponent is playing, respond to their units and counter push when you get a good opportunity. Try to make positive elixir trades and get spell chip damage with your log and rocket if you get any good opportunities.

Late Stage Gameplan

Control deck regularly go into overtime because of how passively you should be playing when using this deck. Don’t play too aggressive, small chip damage with a strong defence is the best way to play these archetypes. Rocket does a lot of damage so it can be extremely useful to help you spell cycle in sudden death providing you have an elixir lead and can end the match in one rocket if you are relying on it for defence.

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