#1 Golem BeatDown Deck!
Kick Ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

This deck has recently been used by OP_K to reach #1 Global! Golem decks require a slightly different frame of mind in order to be successful with. Sometimes you have to take damage in order to mount a good golem push especially if your struggling to gain a good elixir lead. Don’t over commit offensively because you can give your opponent a lot of spell value. Your spam units, the bandit, lumber jack and even the barb barrel can be used to pressure opposite lane if need be. Against xbow decks never play your golem behind your tower, try pressuring opposite lane to force the opponent to spend elixir defending their tower rather than the xbow. Against pekka decks you should try to play same lane and counter push after a successful defensive sequence. Against bait decks, bridge spam and hog always cycle try to activate your king tower as early as possible.

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Golem is a heavy tank unit and he’s a great meat shield unit, try to avoid giving your opponent to much spell value on your offensive pushes. Stagger your support troops behind this tank. Inferno tower is often seen as a hard counter for golem however don’t be afraid to play your golem against it. Play him in the back and use your EDrag to help take down the inferno tower.


Tornado has a lot of uses against a variety of decks such as activating your king tower during single elixir or pulling units like pekka or inferno dragon into the opposite lane and away from your golem. Use this card in synergy with your baby dragon and also the golems death damage, try to get a three card combo here.

Electro Dragon

If the opponent has lightening you’ll play this card more for defence than offence. He’s great at helping you deal with inferno tower or inferno dragon. His chain lightening is good defensively too because it slows down the opponents units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Golem shouldn’t be played in single elixir at all unless you have an elixir lead. In general you should play passively during the first two minuets when using this decks and don’t drop the first card, wait for your opponent to make the first move. Activating your king tower can give you a good defensive lead going into double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck has the advantage during double elixir against most archetypes. Check out the replays to see how OP_K will stop spamming units in order to play a second golem. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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