Ice Bow Deck is Back!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Karnagethe ice-bow God is back today bringing us matches of his using this deck high on ladder. When using this deck one of the most important things according to karnage is is to know the damage that your spells do to the opponents towers. You don’t want to lose a match because you miscalculated by a few HP on their towers. For example 1256HPis the exact damage two rockets can do. For Karnage he tries to get their tower to around 2000HP then he know she he can defend and cycle logs until he’s him rocket cycle range. Your more squishy units are the ice wizard and mega minion, so stagger them to avoid giving your opponent to much spell value. Never waste these units unnecessarily, they’re important for defence and also supporting your xbow. They’re you’re only direct damage units so use them wisely!

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Xbow is your main win condition. It’s works very well because of its long range you can use this card either defensively or offensively. Try to get their tower below 2000HP then you can focus on more defensive xbows and begin spell cycling.


Tornado can be used in synergy with the ice wizard however it also works extremely well with the ice nova of then ice golem and it can also work well with the rocket providing you can take out for than 9 elixir worth of troops. You can also use this card to pull units out of the range of the xbow or you can also pull split lane troops like three musketeers into one lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

Karnage likes to start out his matches passively to see what deck the opponent is playing and what units they have to counter his Xbow. He will play xbow early game to see how the opponent responds and if you know what deck the opponent is playing you can play units to tank for the xbow. After you know what deck your opponent is playing it’s important you try and control the tempo of the match, by been less predictable by switching up offensive and defensive sequences.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you’ll be able to cycle through your deck a lot quicker. Try to get as much log value as possible to help chip away at their towers. As I mentioned above you might have to start to spell cycle, do t rely on your xbow for all the tower damage because it’s extremely important to use defensively.

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