#1 Royal Recruit Deck Right Now!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Echava is sharing this deck with us that he used to get over 6700 trophies with. This is a variation of a bridge spam deck that has dual lane push potential making it harder for the opponent to defend and successfully counter push with. Minion horde, goblin gang and Recruits can all be split to help you apply dual lane pressure. After defending with the Recruits you can counter push push lanes with the bandit and the battle ram. Battle ram always works very well at kiting units into the opposite lane and the spawning barbarians will help shut down a push for only 4 elixir.

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Giant Snowball

Snowball is your only direct damage spell so synergies this card with the miner to help support him and increase the chances of him connecting to their tower. It has a knock back effect which works great against balloons, inferno dragons and it can also stop bats and skeletons in their tracks.

Minion Horde

Minion horde should primarily be used defensively because it often forces your opponent to over commit. Echava says once you’ve played this card wait a few seconds then you can hit opposite lane. Just ensure that they don’t have fireball or other cards like arrows in hand.


Musketeer should only be played if you have a good reason to play her. She is your strongest anti air unit that isn’t susceptible to spells like fire ball which your horde is. Once you’ve played her try to protect her to get the most value from her as possible just like you would a princess in a bait deck!

Early Stage Gameplan

During the first 60 seconds of the match figure out what deck your opponent is playing and then try to track their spells inside their hand. Once you know they don’t have spells in hand to counter the horde or the gang you can apply pressure alongside the bandit or the battle ram. You can start out the match by splitting the goblin gang in the back or even playing the miner into the safe spot. Never play your musketeer for your starting play.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game keep applying pressure on the counter push and carefully choose what units to pressure with when you know they don’t have a counter in cycle. Echava will often split the Recruits 4/2 with the four going towards the highest HP tower. He will then play the miner on the lane with the two recruits to get some good chip damage. Goodluck with this deck check out the replays to see how Echava handles some tricky matchups including Royal Giant!

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