#1 Bait Deck after Balance Update!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Two cards in this deck will be getting a buff in the next balance changes. This deck cycles very quickly which allows you to get back to the units you need to be able to defend or punish your opponent. KingTurk is today’s guest and watching him live you can see that he often likes the apply dual lane pressure especially with the prince in one lane and then the goblin barrel in the other after a successful defence. KingTurk will play either the ice spirit or fire spirits in front of the prince to prevent his charge been reset from units like bandit or wiz. He will have zap ready to incase the opponent drops goblin gang. Against 2.6 Hog Cycle try to predict the opponents skeletons when you play your prince at the bridge, this is a highly risk high reward move that can potentially lead to you taking their tower if you make a good prediction. Keep applying pressure throughout the match, this forces your opponent to invest elixir defending rather than been able to build up a strong push. Against beat down decks especially golem, apply opposite lane pressure with the prince as soon as they’re place their golem, you have inferno tower to help defend the golem.

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Defending the princess is always important in any bait deck but never over defend her and leave yourself with no elixir. Her long range means she can be played opposite lane to help defend. KingTurk rarely plays her at the bridge unless it’s sudden death and he only needs a few hundred damage to win. If your against graveyard playing her behind your king tower will help you take out the spawning skeletons. If the opponent has minion horde play high princes on your offensive pushes to help defend the prince.

Goblin Barrel

Playing a juke barrel alongside the prince or fire spirits is often good play because if the opponent has log they can only only one of the units and will have to investigate more elixir to fully defend.

Inferno Tower

Inferno tower is crucial in bait decks right now mainly because of the high use rate of royal giant in the meta. It’s also great for kiting units like hogs, giants, golem and lava hounds. If they opponent has lightening play this card high to avoid giving your opponent spell value.

Early Stage Gameplan

You can start out the match with either a princess in the back or a goblin gang at the bridge. You can also cycle ice spirit too and if the opponent uses their log, barb barrel etc you can apply opposite lane pressure with the goblin barrel and fire spirits like king Turk did at 14:17 in the video.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game keep trying to bait out your opponents spells if you haven’t taken a tower and force them to chose which units to defend against. The prince is a good defensive units mainly because of his huge counter push potential. Remember you can apply dual lane pressure if required. Check out the video to see some insane game of KingTurk using this deck live in a Grand Challenge!

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