Best Mortar Deck Right Now!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck was used by Don Palestina last season together over 7000 trophies. Because there hasn’t been any nerfs in the latest balance changes I think this deck will still be viable on ladder in the May Meta. This deck has two win conditions, the miner and the mortar. You can alternate which you use depending on your match up, for example against giant decks you should use defensive mortars and rely on miner chip damage to win the game. Against Royal Giant play high mortars to try and get a shot against their tower. Prince can help take out their RG too. If you’re against a golem deck and they play golem in single elixir apply opposite lane pressure and try to take their tower as early as possible, use the mortar to kite if required. Try to stay aggressive and avoid allowing the opponent time to build up a large golem push.

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Miner is a great unit to help support your counter push or just use him to help chip away at their towers. He’s also great at sniping units like princess that are out of range or the barbarian barrel. Playing him behind their tower when you have units crossing the bridge will kite back any defensive troops they play.


Prince has been a solid units for a long time, using him to help defend means you can use him on a counter push. Playing him in the back against miner decks means he can help take out the miner while your rascals or goblins help take out their support units.

Early Stage Gameplan

Starting plays depends on your personal preference, some people like to play a mortar and otters prefer to play the miner in he safe spot. I personally find mortar too aggressive for a starting play. As with every match figure out what the opponent is playing, make positive elixir trades and punish them if they go to aggressive or make a mistake.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you can see from the replays Don will play even more aggressive and keep applying that pressure. Minion horde is a good unit to use to bait out spells and to help protect your mortar. Check out the replays to see some amazing live ladder game play.

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