#1 Deck in Clash Royale
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is my number one deck inside Clash Royale right now! If you’ve been filling my channel you’ll know I committed to play pekka bridge spam for a whole year and since the latest balance changes I had to swap some cards inside my deck to make it more adequate for this meta and I climbed around 500 trophies in one night! I invited Lciop back on my channel to show us how to play this deck like a pro and he said this deck is so easy to play successfully. With the pekka, bandit and dark prince you can handle any ground units and with the electro wizard, baby dragon and minions you have plenty of air counters too. The main aim of using this deck is to slowly build up a good elixir lead, acquire small chip damage on their towers then towards the end of the match you can build a monster push, overwhelm the opponent and take down their towers. Don’t constantly spam units at the bridge, you need to gain an elixir lead or punish your opponent through a counter push. You can see from the video how defensively Lciop plays this deck. The snowball is also great because of its knock back and slow effect. It’s particularly useful against balloon and can also be used to protect your units from troops like bats, minions and goblins. Poison is a good spell to play against the three musketeers but it’s also great against wizard, witch’s, flying machine and minion horde.

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Pekka is a good counter to use against heavy tanks and also the Royal Giant. She has great counter push potential too after a successful defence because of how tanky this unit is.

Dark Prince

Dark prince got a huge buff in the May balance changes. He is also great because he can counter a lot of the bait units especially the recently buffed goblin barrel. His shield means he tank tank damage for, heavy hitting units like pekka or even a charging prince.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon is still incredibly strong, it’s splash damage can offer a lot of defensive value especially if you’re against lava loon, and balloon decks more manageable. If you know they’re opponent has minions in cycle and they’re likely to use the card defensively you can pre-emptively play the baby dragon to help protect your push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you’ll have to play this deck more defensively than you would a regular pekka Spam Deck because of its higher average elixir cost. As with every match try to work out what deck your opponent is playing. You can start out the match by cycling snowball to see if the opponent makes a move, you can also split minions in the back too.

Late Stage Gameplan

You can see towards the end of the match Lciop will go all in with this deck and apply relentless pressure to eventually take their tower. You have your spells to help support your pushes however you can get more value from your troops because they provide you with a counter push which demands a response from your opponent. If the opponent over commits in one lane during sudden death you can go all in down he opposite lane and try to take their tower. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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