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Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today CarlTheLegend (what an awesome name Carl is), is on my channel showing us how to play this LavaLoon deck that’s he plays on high level ladder. LavaLoon has been around for a long time and Carl likes to play more defensively than most LavaLoon players and he will counter push after building a good elixir lead. From watching the replays in the video the can see how passively Carl plays this deck, he would rather play the hound answer not support it so he can focus on defending their push. If you have a weak tower in single elixir then go same lane as your opponent because you can use your hound to tank damage while building up support units behind her. Against golem always play same lane as your opponent, this allows you to defend and counter push with your surviving units.

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Lava Hound

LavaHound is your tank and she should be ahead of your units on a push to maximise the damage potential you can get, be carful not to zap their tower so ignore resets onto the balloon. The pups can get a lot of tower damage so it can be worth protecting them with a spell if requ


Tombstone is a great defensive unit that can kite units like hog, battle ram, and tanks like golem and giant. It’s incredibly versatile on defence and it also makes a great opening play. It can also be used to bait out spells to which could potentially be used to defend against your lava pups or minions. Check the video at 6:22 to see how to counter a balloon using only this card.


Barbarians have been swapped out for guards because of the high use rate of Royal Giant in the last meta. They can also be split to apply dual lane pressure especially against pekka bridge spam decks.

Early Stage Gameplan

Never start out with a LavaHound, tombstone, zap and minions are your best starting cards. Against most matchups you will be at a disadvantage during single elixir, so it’s important to learn what deck your opponent is playing and what counters they have to your win condition.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you can start to support your pushes more use the balloon Moreno aggressively. Still make sure you’re defending while still apply pressure. Even if your balloon doesn’t connect to their tower it can still get death damage while applying more pressure than cycling fireball and it’s death damage can take out their counter push units. Goodluck with this deck make sure you check out the video to pick up some awesome tips on using this deck!

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