2.9 X-Bow Cycle!
Kick Ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Today we have AirSurfer and Dank Ganon who’s are two X-bow Gods walking use through how to play this deck successfully. X-bow definitely requires some skill to play and learning micro interactions can greatly improve you’re success with this deck. Switching lanes throughout the match can be a good strategy to use, just like air surfer does in the first match when he’s against a bait deck with inferno tower. Against pekka ram rider you can usually draw the match, however if you want to play for the win try to get some early damage against their towers without over committing. Use your skeletons to tank damage from units like bandit or pekka. If the opponent has 2.6 Hog Cycle then try to defend the hog with Tesla and create an offensive push from that, if the hog fireball or ice golem you can defend the hog with skeletons and ice spirit then apply opposite lane pressure with the xbow. You can also begin to spell cycle early if you know your opponent is a good player. Golem matchups can be tricky to deal with especially if they play passively early game and save their golem for the xbow. You mainly have to wait for the opponent to make a mistake by not having enough elixir to play the golem or they place him in the back. Try to protect you xbow from units like mega minion for as little elixir as possible. Against graveyard try to play opposite lane and keep switching lanes if required, if the opponent has graveyard freeze you might want to play as,e lane so you can use archers in the back and Tesla up front then you can counter push same lane!

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Xbow is your win condition but it also doubles as a defensive unit with long range capabilities. Try to get a tower lock then protect the xbow to maximise the tower damage without leaving yourself to low on elixir. Your cycle troops work great at protecting the xbow while also allowing you to cycle through your cards and back to another xbow if they over commit defensively.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is a great defensive unit, he can be used to tank damage for your xbow or even kite units into the opposite and away from your towers. You can play archers behind him to help aid your defence too.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait 10-15 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first move. If they don’t you can cycle ice spirit at the bridge or split archers in the back providing you have Tesla in rotation. Learn what deck your opponent is playing and track what cards they have which can counter your xbow.

Late Stage Gameplan

800 damage is what you should aim to get their tower down to before you can successfully begin spell cycling. Learn what damage your fireball plus log can do to avoid losing a match by one or two HP. Check out the video to see how these two pros play this deck!

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