All Skeleton Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Anaban used this deck to win my most recent impossible challenge where you can win up-to $1000 if you successfully get 12 wins in a grand challenge using this deck! These challenges are by no means easy but they offer you an opportunity to show your skill to the rest of the community and also be on my channel! This deck doesn’t have any direct air defence beside the death damage of certain units. Anaban uses the balloon as his win condition and will pressure the opponent when they spend a lot of elixir or he will play it on a counter push. You can see in the first replay how Anaban beats LavaHound with this deck, he applies pressure as soon as they play their hound and then uses his other units to tank damage for the lava pups. One important rule is to try and play in the same lane as your opponent so that you can get maximum value from your units death damage and limit their counter push potential.

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Giant Skeleton

Giant skeleton is your heavy tank but he’s also good to play defensively because one he dies his bomb can tank out the opponents troops, he works very well against xbow too.

Skeleton Army

Skeleton army, aka Skarmy, are great tank killers, especially if you’re up against golem or giant. They can also be useful at baiting out spells such as zap or snowball which can be used defensively against your balloon. If the opponent has barbarian barrel play his card four tiles away from the river when defending to avoiding giving them good spell value.


Guards are a great defensive card, they work great at allowing you to catch miners and also counter goblin barrels. They’re also good to use to defend against pekka or prince if you know the opponent has a small spell in cycle. You can also place them so they surround units like sparky, executioner, wizard etc.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you need to figure out what counters your opponent has to your balloon, punish them as soon as these counters are out of cycle. You can apply opposite lane pressure with the balloon and wall breakers if required.

Late Stage Gameplan

During double elixir you need to keep track of the opponents cycle and again punish them once their key defensive units are out of cycle. You can easily overwhelm the opponent and even get the giant skeleton to the tower inferno you build up enough units, you can also apply dual lane pressure if you have a good elixir lead.

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