#1 Goblin Cage Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This Royal Giant Deck which includes the new goblin cage card works great as you can see in today’s video where Vik is using it inside a Grand Challenge. Defensively you have a lot of options. The ice wizard and tornado have great synergy and can help stop a lot of pushes especially with the support of the goblin cage. Mega minion is a good unit to use to help take down heavier night units suck as pekka. You’re lightening can help you break through inferno tower defences, always try to get maximum value with your lightening. Use your units after a successful defence to counter push, the baby dragon is very strong right now and works great either offensively or defensively.

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Goblin Cage

This card is still very new to the arena and it’ll take time for people to find out how to use it more effectively. One great tip you can see from the video is how Vik uses this card to kite units like hogs and battle rams. Due to its short life span you should use it as late as possible to pull tanks. Never cycle this card like your would a tombstone or furnace. This card should also be played in the same lane that you’re attacking so you can get a good counter push with the goblin brawler. If your opponent has the royal giant play this card directly on top of the RG so when the brawler spawns can get to work on killing the royal giant. Against Ram rider decks play this card in the center but close to the bridge to avoid allowing the ram rider to dash. The card doesn’t work well against units like pekka, lightening or prince.

Royal Giant

Royal Giant is your main win condition and can be used to punish your opponent if they spend a lot of elixir or you’re counter pushing. You can play him to snipe buildings if the opponent plays them to close to the river.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to activate your king tower by using your Tornado. Assess what your opponent is playing just like you would in any match up and try to bait out their counters and punish them. You can start out the match with barb barrel or even the goblin cage after waiting 10-15 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first play.

Late Stage Gameplan

Be careful not to over commit even in double elixir, try to stack up your defensive units then counter push when you get a good opportunity. Check out the video to see how today’s Pro handles some tricky matchups while taking down some of the best players in the world!

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