Ultimate Hog Combo Trophy Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck looks weird however Uchiha has had insane success using this deck even reaching the top 200. You have two win conditions however I Uchiha likes to pair the miner and hog together to apply maximum pressure. He will play the miner in the back and the hog at the river, playing the miner first will kite back any defensive units they play and also tank tower damage for your hog. This combo works well because even if the opponent has Tornado they can’t pull your hog and miner at the same time so you will still get thousands of damage of their princess tower just like Uchiha does in the video. Baby dragon is a hard card to deal with for this deck, if the opponent has baby dragon save you ice wizard to help take down the baby dragon. Play this deck conservatively, don’t over defend and wait to see what the opponent does before you commit to playing a lot of elixir. If you watch his game play he will often leak one elixir in order to ensure he isn’t playing his units into a fireball or other splash troops.

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Miner should be used aggressively against spawned decks, try not to play the hog on the spawned units, play the miner as soon as they place them to try and take them out as soon as possible.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your main since condition and should be supported by the miner in almost every situation unless you’re pressuring opposing lane as a heavy tank has been played.

Bomb Tower

Bomb tower will be key to almost any defensive sequence, it’s death damage can be a huge help in shutting down their push especially if you play archers or wizard in the opposite lane but next to the bomb so they kite their troops into the death damage of the bomb. Bomb tower can also counter a naked balloon and you won’t even take death damage providing you place this card in the centre.

Early Stage Gameplan

Opening plays Uchiha will wait to see if the opponent makes the first move, he will often split archer in the back or even spear goblins too. Assess what deck your opponent is playing, keep track of their splash damage units. If they play a tank in the back apply opposite lane pressure with the hog. You can pressure with miner and hog like we discussed above, playing the miner close to the king tower will mean they can’t pull your hog and miner with the Tornado. Use the bomb tower on defence to kite units and you can also use support troops to help aid your defence then you can counter push with them.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game focus on your defence sequence before you apply pressure with the hog. During sudden death or towards the end of double elixir you can use the miner to help chip away at the opponents tower, learn what damage your arrows do to the towers too. Counter push when possible with the hog rider. Check out the video to see some amazing game play from Uchiha!

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