Strongest and Easiest Trophy Deck Right Now!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In my opinion this is by far the strongest and easiest trophy deck to play right now! This deck has the double dragon, the EDrag is replacing the night witch and it also has the recently buffed dark prince too. One important thing you should always ensure before playing the golem is that you have your cycle in order to support your golem correctly. This is situational depending on what your opponent is playing, if they have balloon you need to make sure you have mega minion for defence. Also the EDrag and lumberjack are great support cards for the golem so try having these units ready to support your push. Tower trading can be very useful to do because you can use the range of the baby dragon or EDrag to stop the opponent three crowning you while you golem heads down the opposite lane, the your defensive units can counter push behind your golem.

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Golem is your main win condition and he is a great meat shield to use which will allow you to stack up support units behind him and overwhelm the opponent. You can synergies this card with the Tornado to pull units like minions or goblins into the death damage radius of the golem. If you play this unit in the back make sure you have the correct units in cycle to counter the opponent if they pressure opposite lane.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon is a great support unit for the golem and he can help defend against air decks very well. You can also synergies this card with the Tornado to pull their units together so they can all be splashed by the baby dragon fiery breath.

Barbarian Barrel

This card is you second spell and you can see you have no direct damage. This card will help you against bait decks. You can also play this card at the river to distract inferno towers if they’ve played them out of the range of your EDrag!

Early Stage Gameplan

Play very passive during the early stages of the match, focus on defence and assess what the opponents win condition is wand what they’re likely to use against your golem on defence. Against certain decks you should try to activate your king tower as early as possible to help aid your defence throughout the rest of the match. Against hog rider, bait, bridge spam and balloon cycle decks I would say it’s important to try and get that king tower activation.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game you need to try and get a good card cycle now you’re aware what your opponent is playing. You obviously don’t want to tower trade later in the game if there is only ten seconds left in the match. If you have a good elixir lead keep up the pressure and try to get that three crown to end the match as early as possible. Check out the video to see some live game play of today’s guest who is inside the top 50 in the world and watch till the end to see myself using this deck on ladder! Goodluck!

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