INCREDIBLE Dual PEKKA / Miner Control Surprise Deck
Hampsh_YouTube posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is one of the BEST control decks I've played in a long time. It's both good for ladder as well as in challenges. But I prefer it on ladder. Here are some basic tips on how to play this deck:


*Off Meta - The surprise factor have a huge role in this deck, no one will predict what you are playing.

*Dual PEKKA - Great for double win condition decks such as Giant & Miner (use Mini Pekka on Miner and PEKKA on Giant) Also good if either one is out of rotation for defense.

*Medium expensive average elixir cost deck - Not to heavy nor to cheap, which makes the deck pretty easy to pick up.

*No troops die to Fireball - When they use a big spell it's good to go!


*Weak against Lavaloon / Lava Hound - Go hard opposite lane with ground troops when you see that they deploy the lava hound. Tower trade if you have to otherwise just use ice wiz for defense and electro wizard for the pups when it hound pops.

*High Risk / High Reward - Only use cards when you have 9 elixir. Don't over commit on defense if you don't have to. No card except the Barb barrel is cheap and you don't want to be caught with to little elixir to defend if they opposite lane push for instance.

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Ice Wizard

The best defensive card in the deck. Never cycle in the back if you don't know what you are up against. If it's lavaloon and they opposite lane push you, you're done!

Electro Wizard

Same goes for electro wizard. Don't cycle this guy in the back if the field is empty. The Ice Wiz and Electro Wiz are your only 2 air defenses.


Good starting card, like the Barb Barrel, as well as your "Win Condition" card. Use in the safe spot of the princess tower to begin with. Also great as a secondary tank for your mid size troops.


Tank stopper, not so hard to figure out. But if you have Mini Pekka and you're up against Hog Riders, use Mini Pekka instead as defense in x1 elixir. When it's x2 you can use Big PEKKA.

Early Stage Gameplan

*Starting play - Either wait for your opponent to make a move or you could cycle a Barb Barrel at the bridge or use the Miner in the safe spot of the princess tower.

*Just play reactively and answer to what they are playing - It's okay to leak a little if it means you're gonna get a clean defense instead of wasting a 4 elixir troop.

*Successful defense - Convert it to a counter push, don't be afraid to go hard if you have successfully defended and they used a big spell like fireball, even if it's still single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

*At this point you don't have to be so afraid of cycling your cards in the back. Keep playing reactively and if you can't break through with your counter pushes. Don't be afraid to cash in with a opposite lane push with miner and Mini Pekka if you have a huge elixir lead so they will have to address 2x lanes.

*If you are up elixir you could also go Mini Pekka in the back and aid it when it comes to the bridge with whatever is needed, depending on the match up. Sometimes I go with a big PEKKA in front if I know that they don't have lots of swarm cards.

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