#1 Graveyard Control Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This new variation of splash yard has the recently buffed dark prince which has been substituted in for the knight, this guy offers extra defensive power particularly with he higher use rate of bait decks. You also have the barb barrel which can be swapped for the log or snowball depending on your card levels. Inside this deck we still have the defensive trifecta, ice wizard, tombstone and tornado which an offer a lot of versatility against a wide range if decks. With his deck you should play very patiently and ensure you know what the opponent has in hand before you go in with the graveyard. You need to make sure you have enough elixir to support you graveyard properly otherwise you can be punished easily and be at a deficit for the rest of the match. Counter pushing can be a good way to stop yourself from over committing offensively. Against golem or lava hound try to defend first during single elixir then counter push, unless you already have a tombstone down. In double elixir you can apply opposite lane pressure against these decks.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard should be saved to use defensively, never just cycle this card before you know what the opponent is running because they can easily punish you if they have an air deck. He also works great at slowing down tanks and their support troops especially if you pair him with Tornado.


Graveyard is your main win condition, check out the video to see the most optimal graveyard placements on the opponents princess towers. If you’re against an inferno tower you can place this card closer to the river to distract the inferno tower and keep your tank alive for longer. Poison and Valkyrie are hard counters to this win condition, try to bait them out before going to aggressive with this card.


Tornado can be synergised with almost every unit inside this deck to help either support your pushes or help protect your princess towers. Try to activate your king tower early game when using this card. Today’s pro guest says he uses this card alongside the baby dragon the most then he can counter push with the baby dragon as a tank.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game work out what deck your opponent is playing and try to track what potential counters they have to your graveyard. If the opponent plays, balloon, hog, ghost, bait, lumberjack, royal hogs you should try to activate your king tower as early as possible, this way you can rely on a 3 elixir defence for the rest of the match in a lot of situations. Play passively until you see a good opportunity to play your graveyard.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game you should now know what deck your opponent is playing, keep track of their cycle and wait for a good opportunity to go in with the graveyard. If they have a heavy tank and play it behind their king tower then immediately apply some opposite lane pressure. In sudden death keep your key defensive units in hand and focus on the counter push, if they keep blocking your units at the bridge you can use barb barrel to act as a tank.

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