#1 Control Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Soking is on my channel showing us this insanely strong fast miner control cycle deck! This is a fast cycle deck that has a very strong defence. However this been said you should still play this deck very defensively and passively, the number one mistake that is made by new players using this deck is that they play to aggressive with the miner poison during single elixir. Try to get maximum value from all your units, including the one elixir cycle cards you have in this deck. This is a relatively high skill cap deck, so practice as much as possible and learn the micro interactions to help get the most from your elixir.

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Poison is a great support card to the miner but should only be used when you know what your opponent has in cycle and our sure you can get good spell value from the units they use to defend your miner.

Inferno Tower

Inferno towers are incredibly important against certain archetypes you might face including royal giant, golem, lava hound and giant. Save your inferno tower for when they play their tanks to help out on defence. If they don’t have a heavy unit and are using bait deck you can use preemptive placements to simply cycle a card while also helping shut down their pushing and potentially bait out a spell.

Dark Prince

Dark prince is a safe card to use to cycle in the back if your unsure what move to make. This is because the opponent is unlikely to use a spell against him because all it will do is remove his shield. Timing him correctly means he can take out goblin barrels before they can do any damage. He’s also great defensively against units like prince or bandit because of his shield mechanic.

Early Stage Gameplan

You can start out the match by cycling an ice spirit at the bridge or even cycling skeletons or playing the miner into the safe spot on their tower. Assess how they chose to defend the miner then you can support him accordingly throughout the rest of the match. The to defend and counter push as much as possible, if they play a golem play miner opposite lane but make sure you have enough elixir for inferno tower as their golem crosses the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

From watching he replays in the video you can see that during double elixir Soking will send in the miner after every successful defensive sequence to try and acquire some chip damage. He will also poison if the opponent plays a unit that he can get good spell value from or if he knows what the opponent has in their hand.

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