TOP #1 Mega Knight / Ram Rider Ladder Deck | LEGENDARY HEAVY
Hampsh_YouTube posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)


Play slow, react to opponent, play on your side and identify opponent's deck in single elixir. Use MK properly when right opportunity is given, this could also be in single elixir. Only use poison if you can hit at least 2 troops and a tower or 3 troops and no tower, you need to get value out of every move you make with this deck. Don't worry if you leak a little bit if it means saving a 4 elixir troop that would otherwise die on it's own.


*Surprise opponent - Don't use the Mega Knight unless you can get value

*Nothing dies to fireball - Wait and bait, then go hard when big spell is used

*Medium heavy deck - Makes it easy to pick up and play

*Very few super hard counter match-up


*Legendary Heavy - Hard to upgrade the deck

*PEKKA is a hard counter - Be sure to have Inferno Dragon to back the Mega Knight up while also being out of range from the Ewiz. Or kill the Ewiz before using ID, but be aware of lighting!

*Doesn't cycle very quick - Don't waste cards!

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Mega Knight

Don't use unless you need to, surprise your opponent by using it to defend and counter push. This could give you an early tower.

Ram Rider

Your Win Condition card in the deck. Using the Ram Rider is a bit situational, depending on what your opponent has in hand and how much elixir. Push when you feel like you have a elixir lead. Going opposite lane is also okay if you have successfully defended to make opponent spend even more elixir on 2 lanes.

Inferno Dragon

Tank stopper, mainly to kill Giants, Golems, Pekkas, Mega Knights, Goblin Giants, Lava Hound etc. Just be sure to not be caught by an E-wiz while defending with Inferno Dragon. (E-wiz is usually paired with PEKKA)

Early Stage Gameplan

*As mentioned - Play it slow and reactively, answer to your opponents moves. If they don't do anything you could start with a Barb barrel or a Snowball as a starting move.

*Save poison until you identified your opponents deck. You might need it for a horde as well as a graveyard. Don't let your guard down!

*Opposite lane push when opponent use a big tank in the back, rely on Inferno Dragon for defense.

Late Stage Gameplan

*If you have a huge lead, cycle a Mega Knight in the back is okay!

*Defend same lane and counter push usually is better here, since if they use a big tank in the back, they probably will have enough elixir at this point to defend an incoming mega for instance.

*Use poison more often, mainly to cycle and get some ship damage on to the tower as well as the troops. Just be aware which troop is most important to poison

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