Royal Giant Double Bait!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Inconnu is on my channel sharing this extremely strong deck which is a Royal Giant Bait Deck. You have the princess and goblin gang you can use to bait out small spells then you can use the barbarians and minion horde to bait out the opponents bigger spells. Try to use the goblin gang to defend whenever possible, this means if you bait out a spell you see free to play your princess or even the barbarians and if you don’t bait out a play you make a positive elixir trade on defence. Don’t go all in offensively unless you’re 100% sure your opponent doesn’t have a large spell in cycle. One rule today’s pro likes the stand by is always having four elixir ready to use defensively unless he knows that he can go all in and end the match during sudden death.

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Princess is extremely important defensively against a lot of decks, try to protect her when possible and use her in the back to help defend against bait decks, you can play her at the bridge to help finished off a tower during sudden death. Play her in the opposite lane to the one your opponent is applying pressure and use her long range to help defend.


Miner is almost like a secondary win condition that can be used to help acquire chip damage throughout the match. Use his against elixir collectors and he can also be used to take out ranged units like princess, dart goblin and musketeer. He is a good unit to play to start out the match, just make sure you play him in the safe spot at first incase the opponent is playing the Tornado. Use this card relatively aggressively, the chip damage can be important in the overall out come of the match.

Inferno Tower

The inferno tower is a great defensive smack down tower that can stop heavy beat down pushes in their tracks. If you’re against beat down don’t cycle this card, play it as their units cross the river.

Early Stage Gameplan

The beauty of this deck means if you know you can’t break through with the royal giant inside the first two minuets then you can use the miner to acquire chip damage throughout single elixir. You can also play the princess at the bridge a split second after your miner lands to take out any swarm units they play defensively and also get tower chip damage. Only play the princess if you know you have an elixir advantage and you don’t need for to defend any of the opponents win conditions.

Late Stage Gameplan

Royal Giant can be played in the back towards the end of double elixir or even into sudden death overtime. This allows you to cycle back to a second RG and play it when all your opponents counters are out of cycle.

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