EASY Giant & Double Prince Ladder Deck |
Hampsh_YouTube posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is rocking above 7500 trophies on ladder at the moment and is one of the strongest double Prince decks out there. As you can see, it has a lot of small swarm cards for baiting out spells such as log and zap. After that you can go pretty hard. It's a really fun deck with both beatdown and zap bait elements in it.


  • Easy to pick up - Medium heavy deck which makes it rather easy to understand and pretty forgiving to play if you have a hard time with quick decks for example.

  • Double Prince Power - This combo is amazing! Both point damage and splash damage. Be sure to be ready with air defense when using this combo.

  • Giant is King - One of the most versatile win condition card in the game. For just 5 elixir he offers as a great tank for both the prince and dark prince and the synergy is amazing, especially in x2 elixir. Use him mostly for counter pushing on the bridge after a successful defense.


  • Hard time against splash - Baby dragon is really popular right now and is one hard counter to a lot of cards in this deck. Be sure to distract her with a tanky unit while killing her with swarm before she retargets. Same goes for other splash troops.

  • PEKKA - Not a 100% loss, you have lots of troops to distract the Pekka, but if they have splash units to back her up you're gonna have a bad time. Better to not use Giant until you see them use the PEKKA and then go hard opposite lane.

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This is your main tank stopper! Hogs, Giants, Golems, you name it. Use for defense and convert to a conterpush. Never use on bridge alone.

Dark Prince

The Dark Prince might be one of the strongest card right now. For just 4 elixir he offers so much value. He has a shield, he has splash damage with and insane radius, point damage and a fair amount of health. Use for defense but can also be cycled in the back if you have an elixir lead.


Your win condition card. As mentioned earlier, you mainly use the Giant on the bridge after a successful defensive sequence. Making it really hard for your opponent to defend. Use wisley, choose your moments according to the situation.

Early Stage Gameplan

Starting play is always spear goblins if you have them in your hand. Otherwise split bats behind king tower or just wait for your opponent to make a move. Try and identify your opponents deck and what cards they have to counter you. Play defense and don't push to hard. But if an opportunity present itself go head and push with whatever necessary, for example if you defend a heavy push with a positive elixir exchange.

Late Stage Gameplan

You can be more aggressive with your Giants at this point. Cycling one in the back is not a big risk anymore. Even if you have to defend opposite lane your probably will be able to in x2 elixir. You might even be able to cycle back to another Giant to use at the bridge while your first one is still alive. If you can't break through, cycle fireballs and play defense til they overcommit, and then you can go again for another push.

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