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Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Retaliate is on my channel sharing the deck he used to break the new world record for level one players! Level one players never upgrade a single card which means their King towers stay level one and they aim to push as high as possible in trophies. You get more value from legendary cards for you elixir which is why their decks mainly consist of just legendary units. Retaliate recently broke the 5k barrier which is absolutely insane. If you want to take on a new challenge in the game then firstly you require a lot of patience because this in incredibly difficult to achieve! Secondly check out @NovaLvl1 on Twitter. When facing any deck you must focus on defending and play very conservatively. Be prepared to switch lanes to stop the opponent attacking your weak side tower. Also a point to note is that your princess towers offer almost no defensive value! They take two shots to kill skeletons and bats so don’t ever rely on my for defence and also have units ready to defend your lane. Inside this deck you have an element of zap bait with the skarmy, sparky, EDrag and the princess. Never play your units near the towers or close to each other where your opponent can get good spell value. Check out the video to see how today’s pro guest handles different situations using under levelled units!

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Sparky and inferno dragon will be you main defence against those heavier units. They both have huge counter push potential to. Against seige you can use the sparky to help take out the xbow or mortar.


Princess will be great at defending minions and goblins. Try to stack her up as much as possible and defend her when possible with out over committing. Play her opposite lane to help defend and keep her out of range of the other tower.

The Log

The log spell is your only direct damage in this deck, try to always maximum value with this card by playing it as late as possible when you know your opponent has other swarm units in cycle.

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