#1 Golem Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

OP_K is back on my channel sharing this deck that he used to achieve over 7500 trophies last season! This deck is insanely strong especially in double elixir where you can pull off some strong pushes with the dark prince, baby dragon and tornado synergy. I highly recommend watching the replays in my video and seeing why decisions our guest makes when using this deck. The basic aim of this deck is to play patiently in single elixir then build up a good elixir ad and punish your opponent with a relentless monster push in double elixir. Try to activate your king tower early game, this will allow you to spend less elixir defending throughout the rest of the match.

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Golem is your heavy tank and should only be played once you know you have your cycle ready to help support the golem and also have the correct units in cycle to help lightly defend the opposite lane if they pressure you. You can synergies the Tornado with the golems death damage too.

Baby Dragon

Baby dragon is one of the best support units for the golem in the game. Defensively you can synergies this unit with the Tornado early game to make positive elixir trades. If your opponent have lava hound lightening then you will rely heavily on the dragon dragon Tornado combo because it won’t die to lightening whereas the mega minion and EDrag will.


Lumber jack has a lot of counter push potential, he can be used defensively against a variety of units. In double elixir if you’ve used this card defensively try to counter push with him and another unit to take advantage of the rage spell he will drop upon his death.

Early Stage Gameplan

Because the deck is expensive you shouldn’t be making major elixir plays in single elixir, just from watching OP_K you can see he would rather leak elixir then play a golem and be unable to support it effectively. If you’re against another heavy beat down deck you can play the golem in single elixir providing the opponent plays their tank first. Wait for the opponent to make the first play, even if you have the patience to wait until double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir the tempo of your play style should change, OP_K will be a lot more aggressive in double elixir and play units at the bridge if his lumber jack is about to die. Play your golem around the 20 second mark in to double elixir providing you have a good elixir lead and have your cycle in a good order to be able to defend what ever your opponent pressures the opposite lane with and and support your golem effectively.

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