New Elite Barbarian Beatdown Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today Gally is on my channel sharing this giant beat down deck that has the newly buffed elite barbarians. In this deck you have triple spells which makes it great for been able to handle those quicker cycle decks like bait during single elixir. Your only ground units are elite barbarians, miner and giant, so you will have to use all of these unit defensively, you can place the giant in the centre to distract units from both lanes and even kite them away from your tower just like Gally did at 7:32 in the video. Last meta there was a lot of inferno tower around and having the EDrag and zap will help you break through those strong defensive decks. You can support the giant with the miner to get extra chip damage throughout the match, you can also zap the tower to retarget the tower into your miner if your giant has low health. Gally rarely plays giant in the back unless he’s mirroring the move of the opponent, he will often cycle his support units first to prevent the opponents been able to apply full pressure opposite lane.

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Miner is a great support card for the giant tochelp you gain more chip damage throughout double elixir. Your log is out of cycle you can also use this card to snipe units like princess or magic archer. He’s also a great counter to the elixir collector providing you apply pressure at the bridge when you play the miner.

Elite Barbarians

Elite barbarians should be played defensively, they can still be relatively easily countered so I recommend always playing them defensively and then forcing your opponent to respond to them on the counter push. They can be split to help defend both lanes especially against those annoying hog rider decks where the opponent can pressure both lanes.

Electro Dragon

EDrag can over lot of defensive value, never cycle this card randomly until you know what your opponent is playing and you’re sure you won’t require him on defence. If the opponent has lightening of rocket keep him away from your princess towers to avoid giving the opponent good spell value.

Early Stage Gameplan

At the start of the match play patiently and wait to see if the opponent makes the first move, if they don’t you can try cycling log or zap to see if they place a unit. You can also send in the miner I to the “safe spot” to avoid king tower activation. Try to defend with units that have a good counter push potential during single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

I can double elixir you can support your giant pushes more, try to always defend with as little elixir as possible during double elixir so you can apply more pressure on the counter push. Have your spells ready to make prediction placements if you’re expecting to opponent to defend in the same way. Once you’ve taken a tower you can focus purely on defence.

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