High Skill Loon Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In my video I have two pro guests on voice talking us through how to use this deck successfully and help improve your play style and become a better player! This deck will take time to learn and master successfully, it isn’t as straight forward as a royal giant deck to play. The ice golem will be your primary tank for the balloon with your secondary tank been the miner. You can play them together to get maximum value, so when the ice golem has crossed the bridge you can play the miner onto their tower so he can get more hits with the ice golem tanking, then when the ice golem dies the miner will tank for the balloon. Always remember to space out your units to avoid giving your opponent spell value particularly if the opponent has lightening and you need your inferno tower for defence. This deck is generally a one star deck, unless you’re against graveyard, so if you’ve taken a tower focus on defending but still apply light pressure with miner or balloon if you gain a good elixir lead. Generally you don’t want to tower trade with this deck so defending and counters pushing can be to safest way to use this deck. The mortar bait deck is incredibly difficult to beat with this deck however play passively and cycle the miner for chip damage and go aggressive with the balloon once you have an elixir advantage and they pave used two air units close together. Check out the third replay in the match to see if JuicyJ can beat this deck! Choosing which lane to pressure can be difficult especially if you’re a novice like me, so generally against golem or beat down decks you should try to pressure opposite lane and rely on your inferno tower and musketeer for defence. Against bait or cycle decks you should pressure same lane.

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As I mentioned above the miner is your secondary tank for the balloon. Remember to switch up your placements to avoid your opponent predicting where he will appear. If the opponent plays a princess and she’s out of the range of the barb barrel you can snipe her with the miner too. When you first play him place him in the anti Tornado spot to avoid king tower activation.


The balloon is your win condition, if the opponent doesn’t have a building you can play it directly above the ice golem, However if they do have a defensive building then the best placement is “behind the chain” which is next to the bridge. Remember this card has death damage, learn how much this is depending on your card levels.


Musketeer plays a vital role on defence and she can offer a lot of value for four elixir providing you protect her as much as possible just like you would a princess in a bait deck or a 2.6 Hog cycle. She is your only direct air damage troop in this deck so if you’re against a heavy air deck try not to waste her unnecessarily. If the opponent doesn’t have a heavy air deck you can play her in the back. Against a graveyard deck she will be vital for defending the tower from the spawning skeletons, you can place her behind your king tower to avoid freeze or poison value.

Giant Snowball

Snowball is a great spell card to use against units like skarmy, skeletons and bats. They can also be used with the ice golem to tank down minion hordes. Use the knock back effect to help defend against other balloon decks.

Early Stage Gameplan

Miner is a great opening play, place him in the anti Tornado position to start out the match if you have him in cycle. You can also cycle skeletons or barb barrel at the bridge. Get a feel for what the opponent is playing, if they cycle an air counter in the back as their opening move you can apply pressure with the balloon and ice golem to see how they respond.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir it’s the ideal time to start pressuring with the balloon if you haven’t already. You should know what deck your opponent is playing so try to track their counters and have the correct units in cycle to support your pushes. Check out the video to see how my two pros beat different decks throughout the video!

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