Super Fast Giant Cycle Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today LaPoKati, who finished 1st and 3rd last season is on my channel sharing his insanely fast giant miner cycle deck. At first glance this deck looks a high skill cap deck however as shown in today’s video it’s fairly straight forward play. You’ll mainly cycle units like mega minion or skeletons in this deck, you shouldn’t play your giant behind your king tower if you want success with this deck. Use your spells aggressively, particularly to support your pushes and help keep your troops alive for as long as possible. Synergies the miner and giant together to help get more tower damage throughout the game. Use your canon to help kite units into the centre of the map to help out on defence. The canon works well against hog riders, ram riders and also tank decks where you can kite their tank into the middle of the area then snipe their support troops with your spells and mega minion. If you struggle against golem decks try swapping the skeletons for a Mini Pekka or lumberjack. Because of the cycle capability in this deck you can often defend and come out with a good elixir lead which will allow you to counter push and use your spells more offensively than defensively. The spells are an important part of this deck, learn what damage they do when they’re used consecutively on the opponents towers incase you need to spell cycle in sudden death.

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Miner is a good secondary wince condition which you can use to help support your pushes. Pair him with zap to retarget the tower and also protect him from units like skeletons or bats. Use miner throughout the match to help chip away at their towers if you don’t have another good play to make. Play him in the anti Tornado position when you first play him or when you know they’re have Tornado in cycle.


One of the first things I noticed when watching today’s pro use this deck is how he never places this unit in the back. He will only play him to tank for his counter push units or to pressure at the bridge when he knows the opponent is low on elixir. You can also use this guy to kite troops like pekka, royal ghost or prince into the opposite lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir LaPoKaTi will play this deck aggressively if the opponent gives him a good opportunity. Wait around 10 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first move if they don’t you can cycle skeletons or play miner into the safe spot. Against the majority or matches you’ll be wanting to have a damage advantage in single elixir because heavier decks will have a slight advantage in double elixir. Always have your spells ready to support your pushes.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you might need to cycle two canons against those heavier beat down decks. Focus on defending especially if you have the tower damage lead. Counter push when possible and always pressure the lane where you have the most damage. Goodluck with this deck check out the video to see some live ladder game play!

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