Most Hated Deck Ever!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

In honour of a contest I held on my account, where someone from the community could enter their own variation of an elite barbarian emote which was judge by supercell themselves, I’m brining you guys this dirty, disgusting and disgraceful deck. I’m going to offer some of my deepest darkest secrets to using the elite barbarian rage combo, if you find the tips helpful there’s many more available in my coaching lessons. You have a lot of fireball bait, arrow bait, poison bait and log bait in this deck. The balloon can be knocked back with the fireball or snowball, so if the opponent uses one of these spells you can punish them with minion horde or the barbarians. Use your arrows to help protect you balloon or elite barbarians from swarm units like bats, minions, skarmy or goblins. The BIGGEST and most crucial piece of advice I can offer with this deck is the synergies the rage spells with the elite barbarians or balloon at every single opportunity. If you can counter push behind a Valkyrie or even pressure opposite lane then do so. You can use the goblin gang to catch the miner or also distract units like inferno dragon, prince or bandit. Four units in this deck can be used to split lane push then you can pressure at the bridge with balloon rage in the lane you opponent spends less elixir on defending. Have your arrows ready to protect your troops inside that rage spell.

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This is the third most important card in your deck behind elite barbarians and the balloon. This card can single handedly turn a one tower game into a three crown if you play it at the right time. Use this card to pressure with your balloon and elite barbarians when you know your opponent is low on elixir or they play their main counter.


Valkyrie will be a key defensive unit which you can use to tank and spank this’s heavy tanks like pekka, Mega knight and golem. Counter push behind her if you get a good opportunity.

Elite Barbarians

Elite barbarians should be given the rarity status of legendary especially if you synergies them with the rage spell throughout the match. They’re best played as a bridge spam unit along side the rage spell and the balloon in double elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

Always say goodluck to your opponent at the start of the match because they’re definitely going to need it. Early game the best opening play you can make if you want to make your opponent rage for the rest of the match is playing your elite barbarians and the rage spell together at the bridge. This works particularly well if the opponent plays a heavy tank or and elixir collector in the back. As always work out what deck your opponent is playing and see what potential counters they have to your main win conditions, the balloon and ebarbs raged. You can often end the game with a three crown during single elixir if the clash Gods give you a good starting hand!

Late Stage Gameplan

What’s to say for double elixir besides if your opponent has somehow survived until now then they’re going to be in for a world of pain when you play the triple combo of elite barbarians, balloon and rage at the bridge. Always have your spells ready to protect your troops incase your opponent has even tries to stop your push. Use this deck with caution, once you pick up and master this deck you’ll be top 200 in a matter of days and the fame that comes with it can be highly over whelming! Follow my Twitter if you’re interested in more elite barbarian rage coaching!

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