Ultimate Miner Bait Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we’re joined by FaceControl who is an amazing Russian pro player! According to today’s guest the most important thing you need todo is control the use of the opponents spells. Play patiently and passively until you know your opponent doesn’t have a counter in cycle. If it looks like they’re try to build a push apply opposite lane pressure to force them to spend elixir defending. A good combo to use is the miner and goblin gang, especially if you’re struggling to out cycle your opponents spells. You don’t have any big spells in this deck so try to keep cycling the miner on the side of the arena where the opponents princess towers has the least health. The goblin gang are a good defence unit that can be used to catch miners or also counter the opponents goblin barrel in a mirror matchup. Use your inferno tower to help take down tank units. It’s also good to kite troops like hog rider, ram rider or balloon. Skeleton army has been swapped out for the fireball, however because of the high use rate of barbarian barrel at the moment this card can help defend against a lot of pushes.

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Miner should be used fairly aggressively throughout the match to help chip away at the opponents tower. Make sure the opponent doesn’t have Tornado by play him in the safe spot in the early stages of the match. If you have units crossing the bridge playing him behind their tower will opening up the path to the opponents towers because he will kite back their defensive units.


Princess is a fundamental part of any bait deck. Try to protect her as much as possible and force a spell from you opponent which gives you an opening to play the goblin barrel. Her long range allows glucose to help aid your defence from the opposite lane then counter push. Never play her at the bridge unless you’re in sudden death and require a few hundred HP to win the match.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is your secondary win condition in this deck, use this card to punish the opponent if their small spell is out of cycle, if they have dark prince wait until he’s out of cycle because he cancels fully counter the goblin barrel and provide a good counter push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Try not to use the inferno tower to much in single elixir especially against hog rider because they can easily out cycle you and punish. If they have a golem or lava hound then it’s ok to play the inferno tower in single elixir. You can start out the match with a miner in the safe spot or a princess behind your king tower. Remember to try to track your opponents spells and also their win condition. Against heavier decks try to aim to go into double elixir with tower HP advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Late game keep trying to make positive elixir trades and counter push after a successful defence. You should by now know what spells your opponent has and where they are in their cycle, try to bait them out on offence if you have a tower HP lead so the opponent can’t use them against your defensive units. You can’t really spell until your opponents towers have around 400 HP. Goodluck with this deck everyone!

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