Best Giant Miner Deck For Arena 11+ | Clash Royale Ladder Decks 2019
DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is designed to control the early portions of the match with strong defensive units and it quickly allows you to do a ton of tower chip damage during the late game. The giant continues to dominate the game as one of the best tanks and plays a key role in being the meat shield for your miner plays. Add in the electro dragon and you can defend the giant against inferno units, and charging units. While the prince will help against ground units and damage dealing tanks like the pekka, mega knight and knight. Add in three spells and you are able to crowd control against swarm units and bail yourself out in tight late game situations.

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The miner will be used for chip damage and is played once the giant crosses the bridge and late game for tower damage. The miner can also be used defensively.


The prince will help defend the giant against ground splash units and damage dealing tank units like the pekka, mega knight and knight

Electro Dragon

The electro dragon will help the giant against inferno units and charging units. The electro dragon is incredible with shocking multiple troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

This main push for this deck is the giant and miner and support with the electro dragon and prince and mega minion, The spells will be used for crowd control and for defensive purposes. Once your giant crosses the bridge the miner can be played to start chipping away at the tower while the giant absorbs the damage. Remember E dragon for inferno and charging units and the mega minion and prince for defending against the other units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Focus on defending and doing chip damage with the miner and spells

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