New Sparky Lumberjack Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is brought to us by Mikel who is pushing the top of ladder. This deck is perfect for ladder, is has lumberjack and guards which are both great defensive units and also incredibly underrated. The sparky and goblin giant have a great synergy together for offensive pushes. Mikel plays this deck aggressively, he will take almost every counter push opportunity that he gets. He will take all spell value that he can get especially if he can damage their towers while taking out the opponents troops. Against lava hound decks try to play opposite lane, if the opponent has tombstone your goblin giant and his spear goblins will help take it down. Save your musketeer and minions to defend the lane your opponent is pushing. Make sure you always space out your defensive units to avoid giving your opponents good spell value, you can use lumber jack to tank damage from units with lower DPS.

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Goblin Giant

Goblin giant is only really viable alongside the sparky. He costs one more elixir than the regular giant by the spear goblins can help protect the sparky from units like bats or goblins. Also because this cards is more expensive than the regular giant try not to play him behind your tower incase the opponent rushes opposite lane. He should be played at the bridge to tank for your counter push units.


When starting out a push play this girl behind your king tower, unless the opponent has rocket, then if your opponent rushes opposite lane you can kite them with he goblin giant into the path of the sparky. Also play her same lane against opponents who are running a beat down archetype. Use your lumberjack in front of the sparky so you can get maximum value from your rage spell for the rest of your units.


Musketeer can offer a lot of value defensively especially against lava hound or balloon decks. You can see from the replays how Mikel will try to protect her with his units like guards or minions. He will counter push with her by playing a goblin giant at the bridge to pressure the opponent.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait to see if the opponent makes the first move, if they don’t you can start with guards in the back or even musketeer providing you have zap and minions in cycle. Try to play at least one sparky in single elixir, you will want to play same lane as your opponent in most situations, unless you’re against lava hound or graveyard. I’m single elixir the most of your chip damage will come from counter pushes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you’ll be able to support your pushes a lot more with your spells. Try to have lumberjack down to help protect your other troops and then when he dies and spills his rage your sparky will charge up a lot quicker making it hard to defend her. If your opponent has a quicker deck they will aim to get the majority of their damage in single elixir so double elixir could be the time you might need to build that monster push and end the match in a single push. Goodluck with this deck check out the video so see how to play this deck while watching Mikel and how not to play it by watching me! My game play starts at 20:12 in the video!

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