Crazy Combo Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

The deck has been used by DaJuicyOne to push to over 7100 trophies. You should play very defensively with this deck then counter push with your surviving troops. You can pressure both lanes with this deck very easily because of the RG and miner combo of even a counter push in one lane with RG opposite lane. You have your guards to help defend units like prince or pekka which can be a good counter to your Royal Giant or giant skeleton. Remember playing the miner behind their tower can kite their troops back allowing your counter push units to connect to their towers. When starting out a push you should play giant skeleton behind the king tower and when he gets to the bridge play the RG behind him, this will stop the opponent been able to play units on the RG to defend because they’ll die to the giant skeleton bomb. The snow has a knock back effect which can be used against bridge spam units, hog rider, balloons and gem goblin barrel.

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Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main tank killer, try to protect him with your cheaper units like guards and minions. This guy has a good counter push potential because the last thing you opponent wants is this unit locking onto their tower. If the opponent has golem or lava hound try not to cycle this unit unnecessarily.


This miner can be used to help chip away with at their tower throughout the match. If you make a fake counter push with the Royal Giant the opponent will often be focused on defending at the bridge rather than the miner resulting in a load of miner chip damage. He can also be used against bait decks focus snipe the opponents princess if they play her opposite lane.

Giant Skeleton

The giant skeleton is a great defensive unit because he can tank damage for the towers while also hitting their tank or win condition. His death damage can easier take down the opponents troops too leaving them with no support troops left to defend with.

Early Stage Gameplan

Opening moves you should wait to see if the opponent makes the first play. If they play a golem or lava hound in the back and you down have inferno dragon in cycle you can play royal giant mega minion at the bridge to force them to spend elixir on defence. Miner is a good opening play, you can also play the giant skeleton because people don’t really punish you opposite lane against this unit. If you play the miner place him in the safe spot to try and avoid king tower activation.

Late Stage Gameplan

Later game if you have their tower low you can miner chip for the win. You can use your snowball to help protect your units during double elixir too, however letting them cross the bridge, using units to defend and counter pushing again is a good way to play this deck. Goodluck with this deck everyone let me know how you guys get on!

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