The Dirtiest Deck Ever!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is has been around for about a year but today’s guest swapped the goblin gang and replaced it with the Skeleton army. This deck works so well because the wizard and minion horde combo works well due to the low use rate of poison in the meta. The dark prince is also great to use against bait decks and bridge spam which have a higher use rate in this meta. The elixir collector also works really well because there is a lot of lightening on ladder too and you can force your opponent to choose between countering the elixir pump or your sparky. Against beat down decks you have the skarmy and the sparky to help shut down their tanks and you can use your wizard and minion horde to help deal with their support troops. Against bait decks use your skarmy and dark prince and try to build up a good elixir lead until double elixir where you’ll have matchup advantage. If the opponent plays a lava hound then play sparky opposite lane to force them to split their elixir between offence and defence. Use your rage on the counter push to help your giant get extra damage.

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Sparky has seen her use rate sky rocket recently due to plays using less zap and also less electro wizard. Try to start a push by playing her behind your tower then placing the giant in front of her as she get closer to the bridge. Never play her behind your tower if the opponent has rocket. Use the rage along side your giant sparky combo if you know you have a good elixir lead. Sparky is a great unit to play same lane as your opponent if they cycle a unit in the back, she can win a lot of battle at the bridge in one shot giving you a counter push that only costs your one or two elixir.

Skeleton Army

Skarmy is a good spell bait card especially if the opponent is using zap you can force the opponent to choose whether they zap skarmy of offence or sparky on defence.

Dark Prince

Dark prince has a unique mechanic with his shield which means you can use him to counter charging units like prince or bandit. He’s also a perfect counter to a goblin barrel if you time the placement correctly. He’s also good to use defensively against graveyard and you can counter push with him too.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can see from the replays that Alex is happy to simply respond to what the opponent does and even leak elixir waiting for them to make the next move. This deck is entirely based on learning what the opponent does and how he responds to your units then punishing them when they make a mistake and you have a huge elixir lead.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you’ll have the advantage against quicker cycle decks. Try to focus on building up a push, often with this deck you will only need one good push to end the game with a three crown victory. Try not to pump up too much unless you’re sure the game will be going into over time. You also don’t have any direct damage with this deck so pressure with the giant at the bridge in front of your support troops when you get a good opportunity. Check out the live matches in today’s video to see the decision making that Alex makes.

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