New Canon Cart Graveyard Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Today we’re joined by BigSpin who is the largest clash Royale streamer over on twitch! He’s been having huge success with this deck and he’s included the goblin cage which has recently been buffed by a huge 25%. With graveyard decks the majority of your wins will come from playing patiently and waiting for a good opportunity to go aggressive and win the match. Try to build up good counter pushes and use the correct support troops depending on what units your opponent has in their card cycle. Use your goblin cage to kite units like hogs, battle ram, golems and also tanks like pekka. You can use this card a lot mor confidential than before because it’s longer life allows you to build up more elixir to counter push with. You have Tornado and barbarian barrel to help tackle bait decks, try to play same lane when possible but be careful incase they have rocket. Against Royal Giant decks I like to play same lane and use your goblin cage to tank some damage along side your ice wizard and tornado on defence, counter push as much as possible. Against seige decks you have the canon cart to help deal with their win condition and the goblin cage or barb barrel to support. If the opponent is playing lava hound I find it can depend on your starting hand, try to apply opposite lane pressure early game with the graveyard but don’t overcommit offensively, use your goblin cage to kite the balloon and not pair your Tornado with the baby dragon or ice wizard just as the lava pups spawn.

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Graveyard is your main win condition, check out the video to see the best graveyard placements you should use when placing this card. This card can be easily countered by Valkyrie and also poison, try to bait out these cards then you can go ahead and punish your opponent. Try to always have a unit tanking for this card whether it’s the baby dragon, goblin bruiser, ice wizard or canon cart.


Tornado can offer a lot of value inside this deck. It synergies very well with both the baby dragon and the Tornado on defence. Use this card against three musketeers to pull them into the same lane. Try to use this card to activate your king tower early game against hog rider, royal ghost, goblin barrel and also graveyard if you get the opportunity. When playing offensively, if you know the opponent has lots of swarm units in cycle, you can pair this card with baby dragon to take out their units that they’ve played to defend your graveyard.

Cannon Cart

Canon Cart has recently has a small buff which in my opinion will make it viable again on ladder. It has a good range which means you can space out your units to avoid giving your opponent good spell value.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to activate your king tower to help out on defence for the rest of the match. Some matchups like bait, bridge spam or other graveyard decks you won’t play your own graveyard until double elixir, you should focus on defending and making positive elixir trades until your opponent makes a mistake or over commits.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to play this deck more aggressively, if their towers are around 500HP you can spell cycle in sudden death. Try to build up a large push if you haven’t been able to take a tower, you can trick your opponent into thinking your going in one lane then when they respond with their main counter units you can pressure opposite lane with barb barrel graveyard. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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