New High Skill Cycle Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This is a high skill deck but if played correctly you’ll be able to beat some of the strongest archetypes in the game including LavaLoon decks! I might predicting Goblin cage will become meta over the next couple weeks so get some practise in early now! Tyrushewko has already won two grand challenges with this deck so let’s see if he get cancer a third win in today’s video. He plays this deck very aggressively, apply constant pressure and forcing the opponent to respond to your units while controlling the tempo of the match. This will be very important against decks like lava hound and golem where early game you need to play as aggressively as possible while still ben able to defend and try to take a tower inside the first two minuets. Against match ups like graveyard, bridge spam or bait you should defend and counter push with the miner onto their tower. As the match progresses you can start to make prediction spell placements once you know what units you opponent has in cycle.

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Miner is a good unit to use to chip away at their towers or to use to tank tower damage for your counter push units. In double elixir you can support him with the poison spell if your opponent has swarm units or electro wizard in cycle. You can use him to snipe princess’ if your log is out of cycle. Dart goblin and bats make great units to play along more side this card if you’re applying pressure.

Cannon Cart

Canon cart has good range which means you can play him opposite lane to help defend then counter push the other lane. Try to do this against graveyard decks when possible. If you have a good elixir lead or you know your opponent doesn’t have any ground units in cycle you can drop this cad at the bridge to pressure the opponent and also chip away at their tower. This will be important against lava hound and balloon cycle decks when their ground troops are out of cycle.

Goblin Cage

When using this card defensively you can place it directly in front of your towers, this means your brawler will spawn directly on top of their units. Only do this against hog rider, ram rider or battle ram. You can counter push with the bruiser to or even apply opposite lane pressure because sometimes the opponent won’t respond to this unit because they’ll underestimate him.

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