Undefeated Giant Skeleton Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

This deck is from CRL and is currently undefeated, it’s win condition is the graveyard but you also have the baby dragon, ice wizard and tornado which all synergies very we’ll tog on defence and often proved you with strong counter push potential. As you can see from the replays in today’s video, Royal likes to play this deck very defensively and he will go aggressive when the opponent makes a mistake or he build up enough units for a strong counter push. If you have a giant skeleton blocking one lane you can pressure the other lane if pure struggling to break through their defence. You can use almost any unit in this deck to tank for your graveyard however try to have the correct units in cycle depending on what your opponent is playing, for example if they have lots of swarm you’ll want to play baby dragon or dark prince to counter push with. Check out the video to see the most optimal graveyard placements.

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As I mentioned above graveyard is your main win condition. Play patiently and always have a unit tanking for the spawning skeletons. Try to play same lane as your opponent in most circumstances because you will get more damage and be more efficient with your elixir if you use your counter push troops. In double elixir you can use poison to support the graveyard if you know your opponent has swarm units in cycle or even electro wizard, basically anything you can get spell value from.


Tornado is an extremely versatile and also high skill card. I would aim to activate the king tower in the first minute of every match especially against bait, hog, ram rider or bridge spam. Against tank decks you can pair this card with the ice wizard to help slow down their tanks and also deal damage to their support units. On offence you can pair this card with baby dragon to pull their units into the splash damage of the baby dragon and also their princess tower. Against three musketeers try to pull their three musks into one lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir you should play fairly passively and react to what units your opponent plays. Try to make positive elixir trades and take a mental note of what counters your opponent is using for your graveyard. Sometimes you won’t even play the graveyard in single elixir so please be patient when using this deck if you truly want success. Don’t over commit because it can be hard to fix your cycle especially against those quicker cycle decks in single elixir. Remember try to activate your king tower when ever possible to help out on defence throughout the rest of the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is when this deck truly shines. Even if the opponent has poison your graveyard will still get tower damage and it’ll also force the opponent to spend elixir on defence rather than offence. Good luck with this deck check out the video to see today’s guest Royal using this deck!

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