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DaRealLegend posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

The Pekka Fisherman combo is INSANE !! The two cards pair up to control to setup massive damage against opponent's troops and have incredible synergy. Support these units with the zap, baby dragon, and poison and you can eliminate threats that counter the pekka. Add in the bandit, knight and musketeer to add more protection against units and defend in many scenarios.

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The fisherman will be paired with the pekka but only play when you have a support card to protect the two ground melee units. Zap, poison and baby dragon will assist against the swarm troops.


The Pekka is your PRIMARY tank and will certainly clearn out all the troops that the fisherman will hook and pull towards the pekkas sword.

Baby Dragon

The baby dragon will be very important in protecting your pekka fisherman combo and will use its excellent splash damage and range to clear the lanes of spawner troops

Early Stage Gameplan

The key in the initial stages of the match of the match is to defend and control the flow of the match with the units like the knight, musketeer and bandit. Once you have a clear idea of your opponents deck or you create a good elixir advantage, feel free to start pushing with your pekka. Play the pekka behind the king tower only when you have either the baby dragon or fisherman in hand. Keep some ditane in between the pairs to avoid big spell damage. It also allows you to stack a few elixir in the event you need to defend the opposite lane. Once your pekka fisherman combo is in motion support with the baby dragon, zap and poison and use your remaining units to help with crowd control or defending the opposite lane.

Late Stage Gameplan

Same strategy but definitely alot more action due to the cost of all your support units going down. If you manage to have multiple fisherman then enjoy the hook fest Remember to not overextend and leave elixir to defend against the opponents counter lane pushes

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