Best Fisherman Combo Deck!
Kick Ash posted 3 years ago (updated 3 years ago)

Pompeyo is finally back on my channel today sharing his replays from a 12 win grand challenge! He was the first player ever to win a GC using the new legendary card, the fisherman. Goblin giant sparky is perhaps the best two combo cards in the game as you know if you’ve been watching CRL. The fisher man works well in this deck because you can Combo him with the hunter to pull units into the range of the hunter getting more DPS. The guards can be used to help protect the country both from heavy hitting units like pekka or prince. You can now play sparky or even the goblin giant in the back more freely providing you have fisherman in cycle because you can pull them into the lane of the sparky and then continue your push opposite lane. You can do a lot of kiting in this deck with the goblin giant and also the fisherman. You also have triple spells in this deck which makes it good to use against bait and the two lighter spells also provide you with cycle cards. You can use the snowball to knock back units like inferno dragon or to kills squishy units like bats, spear goblins or skeletons.

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Fisherman will require some practise to ensure you get maximum value from him. He’s best used to kite units into the range of your sparky or your hunter. He can pull any unit no matter it’s size as long as it’s a ground troop. He can also be used to pull a princess into the range of your princess towers. He also has a small stun mechanic where he’s cable of resetting charging units like prince and battle ram.


When starting out a push in double elixir you can start out with this girl behind your king tower providing your opponent doesn’t have rocket. Have your fisherman and goblin giant ready to kite incase they rush opposite lane. She’s a good unit to play same lane against beat down archetypes.


Use guards to help protect your troops like sparky, Fisher Man and hunter from those heavy hitting units like pekka or prince. They can also be used defensively against graveyard decks providing you have an answer for their tank. They’re also a good counter to goblin barrel if you’re low on elixir and your barb barrel is out if Cycle. You can use them to surround splash damage units like wizard, sparky and executioner too.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should play defensively and try to build up an elixir advantage. You can go aggressive if your opponent makes a mistake or you build up a good elixir lead. The main focus should be on figuring out what deck the opponent is playing and what counters they have to your sparky.

Late Stage Gameplan

This is a heavier deck so I’m some matchups you might have to sacrifice some tower damage in order to build up a bigger push in the opposite by manufacturing an elixir advantage. You can spell cycle towards the end of double elixir and into sudden death if required. Check out the video to see how pompeyo handles some tricky matchups using this deck!

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