New Valkyrie Deck!
Kick Ash posted 4 years ago (updated 4 years ago)

Two cards in this deck a buff in the latest balance changes. If you’re not running Valkyrie in your current deck I definitely recommend trying her out if you haven’t already! This deck has an element of fireball bait with the furnace, royal hogs, canon cart and the zappies. If you can successfully bait out their fireball you can go aggressive and punish them. Your poison spell can be used at the bridge to help stop the opponents support troops if you’re against beat down archetypes. Against graveyard you have your Valkyrie and poison to help defend against the skeletons. Always try to stop their tank at the bridge so your princess towers can help out on defence. Against bait you should play reactively in single elixir, you have your barb barrel for the goblin barrel and the Valkyrie to help defend their squishy units. Be careful incase the opponent has rocket too. Against lava hound decks you should try to play aggressively in he opposite lane with your canon cart and the royal hogs when they play their hound. Save your mega minion and zappies for defence. Generally with this deck you will rely on the counter push to win the match.

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Cannon Cart

Canon cart is a good defensive unit that provides a lot of counter push potential. Bebbefan, who is today’s guest, says he will often use this card to bait out the opponents large spell which means they have one less counter to use against your other units like the mega minion. If they do use their spell you still have full health canon to help defend the lane too. If you know the opponent is low on elixir you can pressure at the bridge or even play it in the pocket during double elixir.

Royal Hogs

Royal hogs are you main win condition in this deck and should be used to apply pressure at the bridge when you know you have an elixir advantage or the opponents main counters are out of cycle. They can be used to split lane push to, this is a good technique to use when you already have a few troops down on a counter push and you know you’re opponents main defence will be a spell for splash damage unit. You can synergies this card this poison in double elixir to if your opponent placed a unit that offers you spell value like minion horde.

Early Stage Gameplan

Zappies are a great opening play if you split them in the back. You can also start out with furnace too. Don’t go to aggressive during single elixir, apply light pressure on the counter push and try to acquire some small chip damage but always make sure you have enough elixir to defend the opponents counter push. Furnace and zappies are good units to cycle if you’re not sure what to play during single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start to use your poison more aggressively to help support your push. The majority of your matches will go into overtime too so this deck does require some patience to play. Check out the video above to see the decision making that today’s guest makes against some hard matchups!

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